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Fluoropolymers VS Glass

Fluoropolymers are a Better Choice than Glass for Corrosion Protection When it comes to protecting valuable production components from the rigors of corrosive chemicals, sprayed fluoropolymer linings offer all of the right properties. Unlike glass, fluoropolymer films are not brittle and prone to shatter or chip. Fluoropolymer films are extremely tough and durable, yet have…

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Thick Film Coating Technologies

Impreglon’s impressive lineup of thick film fluoropolymer coatings offers a solution for virtually every corrosive problem. Depending on the severity of the environment, we can apply Epoxy, Nylon, PVD, FEP, ETFE, and ECTFE to your components. When your components require the very best protection that a seamless fluoropolymer system can provide, we proudly offer our family…

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Corrosion Protection From Chemicals

Chemical processing components such as vessels and tanks often require enhanced corrosion protection not achievable with common coatings on the market today. Often these coatings need to be non-porous and provide resistance to acids and caustic solutions. Impreglon offers a unique and cost effective solutionfor even the toughest corrosive environments. Maximize your run times and…

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