Corrosion Protection From Chemicals

Chemical processing components such as vessels and tanks often require enhanced corrosion protection not achievable with common coatings on the market today. Often these coatings need to be non-porous and provide resistance to acids and caustic solutions.

Impreglon offers a unique and cost effective solutionfor even the toughest corrosive environments. Maximize your run times and batch efficiencies and minimize the risk of ferrous contamination, all while protecting your valuable processing equipment from the hazards of chemical corrosion.

XTC2137 is a proprietary coating system developed by Imprelgon, Inc. To achieve a chemically resistant coating that spans across the entire pH range we have been able to combine a mechanical base coat with a fluoropolymer top coat system. Thus XTC2137 is capable of withstanding temperatures up to +480•F. This engineered coating can withstand full vacuum operations while offering excellent non-stick properties. It’s low coefficient of friction and a non-wetting surface makes for an easier cleanup.

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