Thick Film Coating Technologies

Impreglon’s impressive lineup of thick film fluoropolymer coatings offers a solution for virtually every corrosive problem. Depending on the severity of the environment, we can apply Epoxy, Nylon, PVD, FEP, ETFE, and ECTFE to your components.

When your components require the very best protection that a seamless fluoropolymer system can provide, we proudly offer our family of PFA based coatings. Each of our PFA systems was designed to meet a specific coating requirement while providing maximum performance and protection.


When the applications demands a very good non-stick surface, coupled with extended wear resistance while operating in a mildly corrosive environment, Impreglon’s MC1507 is a proven solution. This multi-layer system offers excellent performance at a lower cost than the more robust systems.

XTC2151 – XTC2136 – XTC2137

Impreglon’s line of XTC PFA-based thick film fluoropolymer systems has set the industry standard for protection and performance.

The XTC2151 system is our standard pure PFA system that can be applied to a variety of components and substrate materials. The finished coating layer will range from 40 to 80 mils thick.

The XTC2136 system is identical to the XTC2151 system with the added advantage of an outer high performance release layer that allows the coating to excel in sticky, corrosive environments.

The XTC2137 system brings the ultimate in corrosion protection. A layer of pure PFA, no less than 60 mils thick, is mechanically anchored to a matrix of high nickel alloy. The result is one the most formidable component linings that can be employed in a highly corrosive environment. XTC2137 also exhibits excellent cycle life when subjected to full vacuums.

Whatever your highly corrosive environment demands, Impreglon’s line of PFA-based coating has you covered. Contact us today to receive your complimentary samples of our PFA-based coatings.

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